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Coexistence of Competing Microbial Strains under Twofold Environmental Variability and Demographic Fluctuations

Authors: Matthew Asker, Lluís Hernández-Navarro, Alastair M. Rucklidge, Mauro Mobilia Abstract: Microbial populations generally evolve in volatile environments, under conditions fluctuating between harsh and mild, e.g. as the result of sudden changes in toxin concentration … Read more

Coupled Environmental and Demographic Fluctuations Shape the Evolution of Cooperative Antimicrobial Resistance

Authors: Lluís Hernández-Navarro, Matthew Asker, Alastair M. Rucklidge, Mauro Mobilia Abstract: There is a pressing need to better understand how microbial populations respond to antimicrobial drugs, and to find mechanisms to possibly eradicate antimicrobial-resistant cells. … Read more